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Sidewalk A Sign

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Sidewalk Signs Provide Extra Marketing and Advertising Possibilities
As a restaurant or retail business owner, why would you display yet another sign in addition to the one already on your establishment? A potential customer’s line of sight has a lot to do with it. People constantly walk up and down the sidewalk, passing your store with no regard for who you are or what you’re selling. In fact, they don’t even look up, but they will see sidewalk signs because they are directly in their line of sight. It’s this important point that makes it necessary to apply a little extra advertising, in the form of A-frame signs.

Our large collection of sidewalk signs features well over 100 styles with fold-flat designs. Specific models are more suited to certain industries or applications, but these portable outdoor sign displays all share the same purpose of attracting people inside your business by advertising your name or enticing potential patrons with sales promotions.


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